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Asian Wedding Videography London – Prices

STANDARD videography hourly rates:

£155 per hour*

*Bookings for events in your location are available only for 4 and more hours.


25 min – 2 hours long video (depending on package, hours-based) delivered in USB. Video will be in cinematic full HD with customer’s choice of background music, title animation, pop ups, cinematic editing, colour grading.  Asian wedding videography in London.

DSLR Photo+Video Package

7 hours for £1649

4 hours for £999


One (1) regular cameraman for video, one (1) regular photographer.


4 or 7 hours depending on package chosen.


+/-75 photos per hour digital copy delivered in USB flash drive.

25 min to 2 hour long wedding film delivered in USB flash drive.


Canon 5DS camera or equivalent + Canon L-series EF lenses, tripod, lights, other accessories.

Cinema Level Photo+Video Package

7 hours for £1799

4 hours for £1149


One (1) senior cameraman for video, one (1) senior photographer.


4 or 7 hours depending on package chosen.


+/-75 photos per hour digital copy delivered in USB flash drive.

25 min to 2 hour long wedding film delivered in USB flash drive.


Blackmagic URSA mini 4.6K camera / Canon C300 + 4 cinema prime lenses and 3 Canon L-series zoom lenses , tripod, dolly, lights.

Q: How long will be the final edited wedding video?

A: It very much depends on the duration of the wedding event/-s and how many various activities are happening during your wedding event. We have delivered wedding videos that are 30min long as well as videos that are 2,5 hours long. We will clarify exact length of the video during our meeting.

Q: Is video editing, colour correction, mastering, title animation etc. included in the price?

A: Yes, you will get fully edited, color graded, mastered video with custom made title animation.

Q: Will my wedding video have background music of my choice? 

A: Yes, you can choose your own favourite music and we will use it as video background music.

Q: Will you record the sound of all environment and all activities taking place during my wedding event? 

A: As a standard we do not use special sound recording equipment. Our cameras do record sound in a level of quality that is enough to represent the most crucial moments such as registry ceremony, vows, religious ceremony etc, but the master video will mainly have a background music and will not contain any environmental sound.

Q: Are your travel expenses included in price? 

A: No, they are not. We will charge a travel fee in the amount of £2 per mile.

Q: Can I have several videographers shooting my wedding?

A: Yes, it is possible, but it will raise the cost of you Asian wedding videography package. Please enquire.

Q: What equipment do you use for Asian wedding videography?

A: We use Canon 5D MK III DSLR camera kit and Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K cinema camera kit. We use several lenses (wide angle, telephoto, general zoom and several cine prime lenses). We also use various grip equipment such as tripod and dolly. Other grip can be used at extra cost (siders, cranes, steadicams etc). We use powerful on-camera light for event videography.

Q: What will be the format of the wedding video?

A: Your video will be delivered in H264 format. H.264 delivers incredible video quality that is much higher than MPEG-2, MPEG-4 or H.263+. It is 2x times more efficient than MPEG-4 and file size is 3x times smaller than comparable MPEG-2 Codecs. If you need any other format, please enquire.

Q: What will be the output video delivery procedure?

A: Final output video will be delivered by post in DVD and/or BluRay after the payment has been cleared in total. Raw unedited footage can be delivered after the event if you come to our studio and supply a minimum 500GB external hard drive storage media (for raw video). Please be informed that video file transfer from camera memory card to your storage media can take up to 1,5 hours.

Q: What are the payment terms for wedding videography?

A: We kindly ask our customers to pay a 50% booking fee as soon as possible in order to book the date. The remaining 50% are due on the day of the event after the videography shoot is completed.

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